Traveling is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions. Step up your travel goals in 2018 by considering an unconventional destination like those described below. You will come home with unique stories to tell, and might save yourself a little money by going off the beaten path!

For Tropical Relaxation

When we crave warmth and water, our minds automatically go to the Hawaiian Islands. Consider St. Lucia and other Caribbean Islands, instead. From snorkeling under the sea to looking out over beautiful views after hiking to the top of a mountain, the Caribbean offers it all!

The Great Outdoors

People neglect Wyoming as a travel destination, because there’s “nothing to do there.” But that might be just the point! If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle, go relax in the natural beauty of Jackson Hole. Soak in the hot springs, and gaze at the stars. If you do enjoy more activity, you’ll find excellent skiing and hiking.

A Whole New World

If you prefer concrete wilderness, head to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Gaze up at, and down from, the world’s tallest building and first rotating skyscraper. Seek thrills at the world’s largest indoor theme park and indoor ski center. Wander one of the world’s largest shopping malls. With this modern creativity in the midst of one of the globe’s most ancient civilizations, Dubai offers something for every traveler.

A Taste of Culture

If you are a lover of art and cuisine, Barcelona is the place for you! It offers a blend of architecture, painting, sculpture, and cuisine from all over Spain, and all over Europe! At the same time, you’ll hear Barcelona’s own unique Spanish dialect and take in its beautiful waterside scenery.

All Aboard!

Flying is a hassle. Driving is exhausting. Don’t forget about the original way to travel…by rail! If you need destination inspiration, consider The Presidential. This luxury Portugese excursion pulls out all the stops, from gourmet food, to ultimate comfort, to breathtaking views.

Do something different in 2018, like travel by train. Take your travel up a notch and go somewhere no one else thinks to go. Hurry and start planning your next adventure, while the year is still young!