If you’re an avid cyclist, then you probably own all the standard gear like a helmet (definitely!), bike shorts and jerseys, maybe some knee pads, and reflective accessories for night riding. If you’re really serious about cycling, then you’ve probably invested in a spiffy-looking bike as well. You probably already own all the basics needed to optimize your ride, but as technology becomes more and more advanced, more gadgets are introduced to improve our lives. I’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest bike gadgets on the market (bet you never even knew some of these existed!) to add to your wishlist and rock your ride. Equip these gadgets to your bike and you’ll not only look cooler, but you’ll have smarter and safer rides as well.

  • Wireless turn signal, $49.99: With a wireless turn signal that clips easily onto the back of your seatrest, like this one from Sharper Image, you can signal your intentions to motorists without having to worry about taking your hands off the handlebars. With red LED lights, it’s great for night riding as well!
  • Litelok, $107: The Litelok is so much cooler than your regular old cable bike lock, and it’s much more secure too! This nifty device attaches to your bike wheel, locking it in place, and it has been tested to withstand over five minutes of sustained attack from common theft tools.
  • Revolights,  $119 per wheel: Not only do these bike lights make your bike look cool, but they provide maximum visibility. Revolights is the only 360° lighting system for your bike, making you visible to motorists from all angles.
  • Loud Mini Horn, $149 : Small but mighty is the name of the game. The Loud Mini Horn, oxymoron though it may be, puts out a loud sound just like a car horn to alert others on the road. Plus, it fits all handlebars, is water resistant, and has a battery life of up to four months.
  • Hammerhead, $85: This techy gadget, shaped like the shark it shares a name with, attaches to your handlebars and connects with your smartphone to provide turn-by-turn navigation for your bike. Through a sequence of light patterns, the device guides you through the safest and most enjoyable paths while allowing you to keep your eyes on the road.
  • Smartphone Mount, $19.97: What would we be without our smartphones, right? Sad but true, our smartphones run our lives. With this handy bike phone mount holder from Vibrelli, you can keep your phone within easy reach to use as a GPS, play music, track your speed and distance covered, etc. The holder fits any smartphone up to 3.7” wide and features an extra secure clamp and flexible design.
  • BoomBottle, $79.99: Don’t be fooled by this bottle-shaped gadget. It’s not actually a water bottle, but a weatherproof wireless portable speaker that will fit perfectly into your bike’s water bottle cage, so you can take your music with you wherever you go! Just don’t forget to pack an actual water bottle as well to stay hydrated.