After spending time in Lecce, we headed to Salice Salentino, a small town in the Puglia region. Though the town is incredibly small, it’s famous for the wine that’s produced in the area. While in Salice Salentino, we stopped at a winery called Castello Monaci. Castello Monaci also hosts weddings and is a beautiful location. We spent some time with the people there and tried great wine.


After our visit to Salice Salentino and Castello Monaci, we continued riding and eventually arrived at the town of San Michele Salentino. This town is known for its grapes and olives, which I can attest were amazing. We spent some time here and got a few pictures. It’s right along the coast and is a beautiful little town. We didn’t stay too long and soon we were on our way to Ostini, a beautiful city.

domeinca cresap wine tasting

Ostini was larger than the towns we had previously been visiting, because it’s home to tens of thousands of occupants. The population grows even more in the summer when tourists visit. There was beautiful stone architecture all over the city and some stunning old churches. The city covers the top of a high and was a beautiful sight as we rode toward it. The skies were clear, so we had a lovely view.

We enjoyed a traditional dance in Trulli, which was another memorable experience. The locals were very willing to teach us the dance and wore traditional outfits during the event. It was a fantastic way to end the night. I also had some more great food and wine, as has been the case wherever we’ve stopped in Puglia.

Our final stop was Fasano, a town directly on the coast with a beach and some beautiful views of the water. We cycled through the country and got even more gorgeous views of hills, trees, and fields stretching off into the distance. We stopped for a little and watched the sunset, which was the perfect way to end the last few days of this wonderful trip. It couldn’t get any better than this!

domenica cresap bottles of wine