I recently went on a cycling trip through Puglia, a region of southern Italy that forms the heel of the famous boot shape of the country. Puglia is a beautiful region, with plenty to see and incredibly welcoming people. The weather was gorgeous, which made cycling through the region a truly enjoyable experience. I got to see lots of lovely sites and tried all kinds of great food and wine, which I’ll highlight through this post and Part Two about my trip to Puglia.

We stayed in Lecce overnight our first night, after cycling all day. Lecce has stunning baroque architecture and a rich local history. According to myth, the city existed at the time of the Trojan War and was eventually conquered by the Romans. Ownership of the city has changed various times over the last several centuries. The city is also known for it’s wine, which was great, like most wine in Italy.


The food I got to enjoy in Lecce (and throughout other areas my first few days) has been mouth-watering. Just thinking about it makes me miss the delicious dishes that were so easily available. I had lots of pasta that was perfectly prepared, along with a few glasses of wine from the local vineyards!




My group experienced a night out on the town during our stay in Lecce and the locals were incredibly kind. We had a great time and enjoyed some amazing food. After we left Lecce, we continued our ride and rode through a wedding party! We then took a short rest stop and took in the Italian countryside, which pictures cannot do justice to.

The Italian countryside has beautiful rolling hills and vineyards all over. Many of the hills have stunning old houses sitting on top of them, with driveways stretching up towards the home. There’s usually trees placed along the road and often low stone walls surrounding fields. There’s so much wide open space and blue skies in the countryside; I could have stayed there forever!