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About Domenica

Domenica Cresap is a business development expert and Supply Chain professional at Gartner.

Domenica has a diverse skill set culled from over two decades in consulting and operational management positions across industries. She first took on a role as General Manager and Business Investor in a local restaurant. She then joined Pingree & Rakow, LLC as Business Partner, a title she would hold for the next ten years.
Domenica’s strategic financial reporting and ability to network with key investors resulted in a dramatic upturn in the company’s overall portfolio; she grew its contracts by more than $6 million. Following her time at Pingree & Rakow, LLC, Domenica spent a year as Business Partner of Plote Inc.

Recently, she was featured twice on for her articles: Did You Know This About AI? and IT Conferences in April and May

Domenica Cresap has been a sports and fitness enthusiast for as long as she can remember.

Domenica always takes time to go “off the grid” and enjoy the simpler things in life: cycling and hiking in national parks around the country. Domenica is a former personal trainer and was previously certified through the American Sports and Fitness Association. However, Domenica now focuses on sports and exercise for recreation, especially cycling.

Domenica first began cycling about twenty years ago and she fell in love with the sport almost instantly. It was challenging and therapeutic at the same time, and within five minutes of her first ride Domenica Cresap realized she’d found something special. The sport allowed her to forget about the hustle and bustle of life and simply get lost in the moment. Since then Domenica has participated in numerous cycling challenges around the country.

Domenica is a longtime advocate of road cycling, and she supports initiatives to provide more bike-friendly roads around the country. She is also a major proponent for the improvement of cyclist safety awareness in general. At the same time Domenica has begun to branch out to keep her hobby as interesting as ever; she has recently gotten more involved in mountain biking, which provides its own unique set of challenges (and rewards).

This year Domenica plans to join the Bike Across Italy event, which will stretch from coast to coast of gorgeous Italy and allow her to explore the country at her own pace. Instead of being about speed or competition, the event— like most cycling events— is meant to be a leisurely, long-distance tour. Domenica Cresap enjoys that cycling allows her to explore new places and sightsee around the world.

Domenica has also hiked on a regular basis for years. She has hiked in national parks throughout the Northeast and along the West Coast as well; her next destination is Joshua Tree National Park. Domenica typically travels in a group when she hikes, and she enjoys that the activity allows her to socialize while still taking a break from everyday life.

In addition to cycling and hiking, Domenica Cresap is interested in nonprofit work. She has previously volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House in Chicago and at social services organization Chicago Cares. She hopes to get more involved in charitable causes in the future and is always looking for new opportunities.


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